Headlight Restoration

Cloudy, Yellowed, Oxidized Headlights are UNSAFE!

Today, headlights on most current vehicles are constructed using a lightweight, but tough, polycarbonate plastic that can cost as much as $400 per light.

Plastic headlight lenses, though durable, are susceptible to drying and cracking as a result of overexposure to UV rays. The first signs of this damage can appear in less than a year of purchasing a new vehicle.Headlight Restoration

Don’t get a ticket! Virtually every state has or is currently drafting legislation to make cloudy headlight lenses a ticketable offense. In states with vehicle inspections, unsafe headlights are already grounds for a vehicle to fail inspection. At their worse, cloudy lenses can block up to 90% of the light you depend on to illuminate the road ahead of you. Don’t get a ticket – or worse – because of unsafe headlights.

Classic Vinyl Repairs offers a mobile service to refinish your existing lenses and leave them crystal clear. We can eliminate dangerous glare while restoring maximum light output and aesthetics.

Our multi-step process leaves a hard, durable finish to ensure your lenses remain protected from the elements. Results are proven to outlast (up to 2 years or longer) those from store-bought restoration kits or simple polishing.

Whether you plan on keeping your vehicle for several years or are trying to sell one, clear lenses have a significant visual impact and help increase your car’s value. If your lights don’t look perfect, give us a call!