Windshield Repair

Did you know…

  • Your automobile windshield can keep you alive in the event of a vehicle crash?
  • Small rock chips can spread quickly, making repair impossible?
  • Windshield repair can save you money – even costing you NOTHING?

If you get rock chip damage, your very first option should be to have the break professionally repaired rather than replacing the windshield. This keeps the original factory bond secure, saves time and money, and prevents more glass from being dumped in landfills.

 Why Repair?

  • Windshield repair allows you to retain the original factory bond of the windshield. This windshield bond is usually stronger than a replacement window bond would be and can help keep you safer in an accident.
  • Repairing your windshield costs much less than the cost of replacement.
  • It saves time! The windshield repair process is fast and can be performed while you wait, usually less than 30 minutes.
  • Windshield repair is accepted and endorsed by most insurance companies.
  • Repairing your windshield helps save the environment by keeping non-recyclable glass out of our landfills.
  • And, last but not least, windshield repair provides a great looking result!


How It Works

The repair process starts with removing all of the air and moisture from a damage, then injecting it with a UV curable resin, and curing the resin with a UV curing lamp.

This process will keep the damage from spreading, and keep the repair as close to invisible as possible. Most repairs take less than 30 minutes – while you wait!

Many Repairs are FREE!

That’s right – if you have Comprehensive coverage, most insurance companies waive the deductible and your repair is absolutely FREE. These claims don’t raise your rates either. So it’s a Win-Win solution.

What kind of break do we fix?